NWC Changelog

Keep up to date on all the upgrades and improvements being made to New Work City 2.0!

June 26, 2011 at 11:02pm


More lockers! Lots of things reorganized and streamlined!

Today we cleared out our storage unit of everything we intend to bring back to NWC 2.0. All that remains are things we intend to sell (stay tuned!), give away, or toss.

That means, right now, NWC has a lot more stuff in it than it did this morning. What you’ll notice, however, is that right now the space looks like it has less stuff than it did before. How did we pull off such a stunning magic trick?

Well, it involves a lot of elbow grease. But basically, we moved a lot of infrequently used stuff into overhead storage areas, threw a lot of stuff out, and simply rearranged things to make more efficient use of space. We also organized a lot of things that were previously sort of spread out around the space. Here’s the rough rundown:

  • Second set of lockers are online! They are along the back wall and will be available once they have been numbered.
  • Along with this, the back area has been rearranged a lot and is now much more neatly and efficiently laid out. 
  • It is now much easier to find many of the things we have available for sharing, including monitor cables, adapters, whiteboards, sticky pads, keyboards, power strips, office supplies and more. 
  • We’ll soon be publishing a comprehensive list of all of NWC’s shared resources, from pens to xboxes to guitars and more, as well as where to find them
  • Kitchen has been reorganized so things can be more easily accessed
  • Main conference room has been rearranged and a new speaker system has been added
  • Soft seating area rearranged
  • Ethernet cable strung across ceiling to light up the last corner of the space that doesn’t yet have wired connectivity
  • This will also get us one step closer to getting the new fax machine online!
  • Initial progress has been made on a new welcome display and sign-in area for newcomers at the front desk. More on this soon!
  • More books on our shelf! Some of our best books have come out of storage and are ready to blow your mind!
  • We’ll be giving away some old books at the front of the space all week; come by and check out the selection! The leftovers get tossed on Friday!
  • An experimental feature or two. Stop by the space to see everything!