NWC Changelog

Keep up to date on all the upgrades and improvements being made to New Work City 2.0!

April 19, 2011 at 1:03pm


Spring Cleaning

Between the cold winter, countless events, and slowly cleaning out the storage space we filled up from our first move, NWC 2.0 has accumulated no shortage of stuff. After a long weekend cleaning up the place, we found countless gems and random things—and threw out a bunch as well. Here are the highlights:

  • Rearranged reception desk, entryway area, and soft seating
  • Added new lunch table
  • Filled bookshelf with many fabulous books
  • Launched Nap Loft beta! Our loft now has a comfy futon, an Xbox 360, and snacks! Now all we need to do is build a staircase so people can safely get up there.
  • Drawer underneath printer now contains office supplies
  • Monitors, cables, connectors, and any other hardware are now consolidated to the back credenza
  • A lot of clutter has been cleared out

All of the changes have left us with some extra space, which we’ll be using for more upgrades and features soon!