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Keep up to date on all the upgrades and improvements being made to New Work City 2.0!

February 21, 2011 at 9:44am


v 2.1.0 - Major Release! - 4G internet backup, TV tuner, and more

New & improved:

We scored a big haul from an office that was closing down; thanks to Peter Dixon-Moses for the heads up and for helping us move our stuff! 

  • Our bathrooms now have proper mirrors!
  • We’ve now got two 4G internet hotspots from Clear as a backup to our current connection. If anyone for any reason has trouble connecting through our normal network, ask us how to connect to the Clear connections!
  • We attached an antenna and digital tuner to our projector, thus allowing us to watch good old network broadcast television! 
  • Lots of beautiful Dell monitors for sharing
  • Two fabulous servers to mess with
  • A giant rolling whiteboard
  • Halogen standing lamps for events and conference room
  • Small lamps for huddle rooms and desks - these have had a tremendous effect on the huddle rooms; they are far more pleasant places to work now!
  • Various new markers and erasers
  • Landline phone is now operational! 
  • Capped off a bunch of ethernet ports
  • Installed a shelf for our projector! No longer shall it rest upon a ladder.
  • Cleaned up mail slots 
  • A coat rack
  • A labelmaker
  • A new toaster


  • Lockers (no, really)
  • Improved acoustics in all meeting rooms
  • A welcome screen at the entrance, showing a rotating view of our upcoming events, a backchannel, tweets, and photos

Lots more major improvements coming in the early spring!


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