NWC Changelog

Keep up to date on all the upgrades and improvements being made to New Work City 2.0!

January 3, 2011 at 1:17pm


v2.0.9 - December Catchups: Ethernet, Landlines, Couch, Bookcase, Mail, M&Ms, Bucky Balls and more!

What’s New:

Lots has happened in December! Let’s catch up:

Big haul from the fine people at HWH Group!

  • New couch and love seat
  • New fake trees
  • Bookcase
  • Filing cabinet
  • Mail slots

As well as some more improvements:

  • Ethernet in more spots now
  • Landlines! You can now make a call in the conference room on a Polycom speaker
  • New phone number! Behold, the 212! (212) 226-1585!
  • Improved music setup in the back
  • Cleaned up back area where wires / cables / other things are being stored
  • A fabulous motion-activated M&Ms dispenser. Thanks to the Chipps family!
  • Bucky Balls! Thanks Rob Kelley!


We resurrected a Uservoice page where we can share and vote on suggestions. We’ll be making periodic improvements to the space throughout the year, so we’ll be using this to guide what we focus on in which order!

Go here and make some suggestions! https://nwc2.uservoice.com