NWC Changelog

Keep up to date on all the upgrades and improvements being made to New Work City 2.0!

September 2, 2010 at 1:29pm


v2.0.1 - Trim & Proper

New changes:

  • Assembled new desks
  • Brought in new (old) chairsĀ 
  • Revamped Dashboard page with new pricing
  • Began framing and drywall around electrical equipment near entrance
    — This will make the entryway look a lot prettier
    — Will also double as a trash container, reducing smell and eyesores
  • Firmware upgraded on wireless router
    — Thanks Rob for coming in late last night to do this!
  • More preparation of baseboards and conference room walls for painting
  • New door handles on all the doors!
  • Progress tiling the second bathroom

New requests:

  • Work on prioritizing Skype traffic to decrease likelihood of dropped calls


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